Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Support Breastfeeding!

I am a hardcore breastfeeder and it's been 1y7m. I once had this cute badge on my handbag which I carried all the time, and proudly tell the world that I breastfeed my baby. So now I would love to share the joy of breastfeeding with all of you!

Grab this opportunity to have this badge at a very low cost! And plus, you can choose your own design, your own color and your own type of badge. Choose a pin badge if you want to put it at your coolerbag, or even a keychain at your handbag! The choice is all yours.

Choose any two for RM10 (inclusive delivery!)

Choose your design, color and type of badge

Sample for Design A - Pink (Pin Badge) and Design D - Blue (Keychain Badge)

Back of the badge. For keychain badge, it comes with mirror!!

Feel free to choose!

Email me your request as follow :

Name -
Delivery Add -
Contact No -
Design - A/ B/ C/ D. **for Design A, you can choose to put your own date since you first breastfeed!
Color - Blue/ Pink
Type - Pin Badge/ Keychain Badge
Quantity -

ps. Kindly be remindered, minimum order is 2 pieces (RM10)

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