Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Busy bee

Well lately we've been fully occupied with orders and making design. Oh dear... designing is such a very tedious job! We hope that our customer will understand if we took 3-5 days to send their requested design, becuz sometimes, we're sooooooo lack of ideas! It would be great if you have complete idea of how you want your badge to look like :D

Anyway, at the same time, just so you know, we also accept sticker tag and thank you tag using the same exact design as your requested badge design! But only in square shape, as well as round shape 6.5cm diameter. Maybe in the future we're going to have more sizes, who knows!

And at the same time, we wont be able to COD to Wangsa Maju or Setia Alam anymore due to some personal matters. Only free delivery apply to Putrajaya area (preferably Presint 9, Alamanda or Masjid Putra) and after office hour yaa becuz we're both working during the day!

Do not hesitate to ask for best price we can offer you!

Thx for choosing BadgeForAll xoxo

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Order from Juliana

She ordered for her SIL's wedding. Simple polkadot design and no customized names. She's such a sweet person!

100 pieces.

*our design*

Order from Shariz

Shariz has already prepared his own design, and I must say his design is very neat and nice and elegant. I'm not a fan of green, but seeing his design makes me changed my mind ;)

62 pieces.

*customer's design*

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Order from Transwater API

This is our first order received from corporate - Transwater API Sdn Bhd. They wanted to have badge with No Smoking Day tagline on it, along with their company's logo. Took only 1 day to design, 1 day for them to approve and 1 day for us to make the badge, this is the fastest record we've ever did!

150 pieces.

*our design*

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Order from Anggerek

Her name is sooo classic! I love it!

Anyway, Anggerek wanted her orders within 1 week for her sis's wedding with her very own design. 23 pieces with customized name as well ;)

*customer's design*

Order from Ikram

Ikram ordered 2 different designs for both side's reception. For the bride's side is using her own design, and for the groom's side is using our design.

Our design 

 Bride's design

Theme - Arabic 

41 pieces

 Groom's Family

 Customized name

 Dazzling Bestie

Customized name as well ;)

Total 80 pieces
Thanks for your order!
blue - our design
gold - customer's design