Sunday, January 15, 2012

Facts and info on our badges

Here are some info on our badges

1) The design is covered by a laminated layer which is totally waterproof!!

2) The standard back cap is white plastic cap

3) For cartoon badges, the hands and legs can be bended accordingly. It also has keychain hook! So consider it as a 2-in-1 function!

4) For keychain badges, the back cap is a mirror!

5) The size of the badge is 58mm (standard badge size)

5) We also take orders for magnetic badge (on request only)

6) We guarantee that your badge will be ready within 3 working days once the confirmation booking is made! (for orders <200 pieces). So no worries with last minute booking ya!

7) You can design your own badge and send it to us!

8) Minimum order we can take is 15 pieces

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