Monday, April 23, 2012

Sorry :(

I am truly sorry for lack of updates, for being unable to reply your email/ sms immediately. 

Have been admitted to the hospital last week for 3 days, and now is still on MC. But i will slowly try to reply all of your queries and keep on updating on orders soon. 

Aaah besides, this is the busiest time ever since we know May-June is wedding month. Lots and lots of orders coming in with huge number of badges for each order. We're trying our best! 

But the easiest part is where you already have your own design and we can turn it into badges in just 3 days! (for orders <200 pieces).

Stay tuned, and thanks for all your support!


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hot Blogger Mommy Badge

We had our birthday gathering last Saturday at Tasik Shah Alam. This badge is designed by TinyTotsCollection  and is extremely gorgeous! Loved it! We just take the lead to turn them into badges. Hopefully all of them love it. Thanks TinyTotsCollection for trusting us!

Order from Amirah

Amirah pun sng nk deal with. She has her own design, straight away we can use it ;)

200 pieces. Thx!!!
*customer's design*

Order from Faridzwan

He's one of the easiest customer to deal with. Pagi, SMS asked for quotation. Afternoon send in his own design. Evening make full payment. And his design is very the ceria!

100 pieces. thx!!
*customer's design*

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Repeat order from Syafika

After she received her parcel earlier this week, Syafika decided to repeat order with customized name for her cousins ;)

20 pieces. Thx!
*our design*

Order from Leen

Leen ordered for wedding as well, along with thank you tag design ;)

20 pieces. Thx!
*our design*

Order from Syafika

Syafika ordered 2 designs for weddings using her own chosen background style - pink, and black gold.

22 pieces. Thx!
*our design*