Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Order from Dila - College Dinner

Order received from Dila in Penang, for Annual Dinner.

Among the order. The rest ade kat bwh sbb malas nk susun dh :P 

215 pieces

*customer's design*

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Order from Lena - Kendarat

I totally have no idea what kendarat means. But anyway, order received for 21pieces with different name each

*our design*

Order from Lena - Ilham's Bday!

Order received for Birthday Party! They wanted Orange Hyppo :D Happy Bday ILHAM!

Forgot to snap pic. So terpaksa la snap even dh seal & xberapa jelas 


All of the order

21 pieces ;)
*our design*

Order from Lew

Lew from Penang ordered only 10 pieces for his personal use ;)

*customer's design*

Order from Lena - Nadia & Fikri

She ordered for wedding, as usual. 33 pieces and 2 diff design.

 Design 1 for her BFF & Cousin

 Design 2 for the rest of the lists

Some of the badges ready to be packed
*our design*

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Design for you to choose from!

If you're interested in prev customer's design, just let us know. We can still customize it into your desired color theme ;)

psstt... dont forget, for weddings, order more than 70pieces will receive complimentary keychain!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Order from Adrian

We were in Singapore when he called and wanted to order for 310 badges for his college in just 1 week time. He gave us the design, we make it into badge and hopefully he loves it!

*customer's design*

Order from Hanum

A  sweet girl yg order dari jauh, with her very own design (chantek gila!) and has looong list of names to be printed. Eventho we were having problem with our AI, printer and whatnot, but we managed to complete 120pieces order from Hanum. I hope you love them ;)

Thanks Hanum! Selamat Pengantin Baru!
*customer's design*

Order from Adani

She is one sweet person, called me and asking whether we could take last minute order. Of course we can! Home based kan :D Kak Dani is very easy to deal with, sgt simple, and the design she requested pon simple je. We proposed a few and she chose one for her brother's wedding. 50 pieces and personalized name as well ;)

 Packed and sealed ;)

Ready to deliver!

Thank you Kak Danie for trusting me ;)
*our design*

Order from Shareena

We received order from Shareena, requesting 70pieces with her own photo, we do the design. 

 Simple yet classic!

 Some of the badges ready to be packed

We personally packed and sealed each and every badge to maintain quality, and to prevent them from scratches!

For wedding/ engagement order more than 70 pieces will receive complimentary 2 keychain badges with the same design but personalized message on it ;)

Thank you Shareena!

A little teaser

Some orders received in the past two weeks ;)

Thanks Shareena, Hanum & Kak Danie