Tuesday, July 3, 2012

We're back on business!

Alhamdulillah, everything went well - our short vacay to HK and my princess's simple birthday party. So now, I'm happy to announce that we're back on business! Kindly place your order thru order button or for any enquiries, you can email me at badgeforall@yahoo.com or just sms at 013 342 1005 (fiza). My price is still the same, no worries! We know you spent a fortune for your big day, and we're trying to help reducing cost for small things like this ;)

Kindly be reminded that I wont be able to cater more than 3 orders per week due to some personal reason (6months preggie mom in the house!). So wait no more... place your order now! Be it a badge for your wedding, or sticker with various sizes and super cheap price (you wont believe it!!) for your doorgift ;) 

Badge & Sticker for Birthday Girl

We had our princess's birthday party last weekend, and I only have 2 days to prepare everything (since we only got back from HK on Thursday). So I just drafted a very simple design to accommodate the needs for the party

1- Badge

Made a few for families and birthday girl. For the kids we only make stickers in L size

the badges

sticker for her frens

2 - Sticker M size (scallop) for doorgift


3 - Sticker S size (scallop) for sugar cookies

 sugar cookies

small size sticker

4 - Menu card (tent style)

menu card

5 - Mini invitation card with map at the back (L size)


front look

Overall, yes, it is a very simple design. I just couldnt get myself think of anything else since we're soooo packed and lack of time.