Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Latest updates (lagi!)

Well, as promised, here are our latest order

 Bizz stickers

 Stdd button badges

 Cartoon badges! Hot stuff ya'll!!!

bizz sticker 

All the way to Singapore. Thx a lot liana!

Harap mahap image terbalik2 xsempat nk pusingkan sbb byk keje ni :P

Nak order? Senang je! Email badgeforall@yahoo.com or whatsapp 0133421005. Xyah mintak quotation bagai sbb harga semuanya dah sedia ada kat link atas PRICE!

Anyway, for your info, setakat ni kitorang xde charge design charge DENGAN SYARAT design baru yg nk tu xrenyah nk buat. kalau nk abstract flowery katun from scratch tu mmg kena charge la. setakat simple2 guna design sedia ada cuma tukar kaler or bgnd or theme or bubbles or love2 mmg no prob...

And plz plz plz place your order early to avoid dissappointment!!


Short break

Hello lovelies!

We have a few new updates.

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In the meantime, we're having a short vacay for appx 12 days, from 10 apr - 22 apr. Hence, if you would love to book a slot for badges or stickers or labels etc, simply drop us by an email at badgeforall@yahoo.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Or you can whatsapp me at 0133421005 but expect a bit delay since it wont be easy for me to get wifi abroad.

Thank you for your understanding and considerations!

PS. We will be having a little promo sooooon!!!!