Sunday, February 16, 2014

Latest Order

We received order from a very sweet young lady. Full package of everything

1. Towel Wrap for her wedding reception guest. As simple as ABC. You can do-it-yourself. We provide the wrap, you just need to roll the towel/ handkerchief and taraa.... your personalized doorgift is ready!!

2. Mineral bottle label. Sama jugak. We make the label, you can do-it-yourself! That's our concept!

3. Mineral bottle cap. This one goes for free since she ordered a lot of stuff from us. Anyway, this monogram design sticker is for her envellope seal as well. 

4. Goodies bag topper. M size. We provide the bag. She only needs to fill in treats for kids


5. Last but not least, chocolate wrapper for her akad nikah.

So wait no more! At super affordable price, the only thing you have to do is get the goodies ready and boleh rewang bersama-sama utk DIY your wedding gifts.

Contact 0133421005 for queries

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

New Release! Batch #2

We are also providing these items for you to DIY your event!!!

1. Personalized chocolate bar. 

So here goes. We have 3 sizes.

S - mini cadbury choc or mini chunky chocolate

M size - 1 bar cadbury/ beryl/ vochelle chocolate size

OR tell us what chocolate you prefer, give us the measurement and we'll personalize it for you!!!

2. Party/ Goodies pack topper

Three diff sizes as well!!! S, M & L!!

3. Towel/ handkerchief wrapping

Comes with 3 different sizes as well! S, M & L

New Release!!! Batch #1

Welcoming 2014, and welcoming us back in the world of personalized printable and button badges for your weddings or any events at very affordable price, we are hereby glad to announce our range of products:


Pin Badges

Keychain with mirror at the back badges

Cartoon keychain badges (for birthday parties would be ohsem!!!)


S Size - round and scallop appx the size of 10cent coin

Suitable for mineral bottle caps (round shape)
Or envellope seal
Or small doorgift seal

Designs for envellope seals can be found HERE

M Size (round and scallop) appx 2 inch diameter- suitable for doorgift seal. Fit nicely on the ikea spice jar (or even bought in Nilai 3!), medium round jar, brown paperbag etx

L size (round shape only) appx 3inch diameter - suitable for large paperbag seal, large doorgift seal

3. Mineral bottle Label

Standard size for 500ml bottle lable (seal-able)

**image from google**


Round shape sticker L size for mini mineral bottle

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Welcoming back promotion

Welcoming Back Promotion Price BadgeForAll
--Promotion Valid in this month of love only!! (All day in February, for orders any time in 2014)
--Deposit 50% required on the quantity ordered upon confirmation

Button badges
20-50 pieces : RM1.50 per piece
51-100 pieces : RM1.30 per piece
100 pieces above : RM1.20 per piece

L size
500 pieces below : RM0.30 each
500 pieces above : RM0.28 each

M size
500 pieces below : RM0.20 each
500 pieces above : RM0.18 each

S size
500 pieces below : RM0.10 each
500 pieces above : RM0.08 each

** using own design or existing design
** not inclusive postage
** cod in putrajaya only