Thursday, January 17, 2013

Aqiqah Emeer Bazly

All taggings and stickers are done by yours truly! Simple sbb sy x la kretip mane pong :P

Sticker tag for alma'thurat. We actually wanted to do proper cover with artcard. Tapi sbb masa dah suntuk sgt, xsempat nk stapler bagai. So sticker je lah option nye. But they turned out very nice!

3 diff sizes. Ni namanya gila kuasa hahahaa. The biggest one L size, utk letak kat mini mineral bottle (photos later time majlis), the scallop M size is for goodie bag (later jugak lps majlis), and the smallest is for chocs!

Ini hasul tampalan. Kiut miut tiutttt!!!

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