Monday, September 10, 2012

Facebook Fan Page

Lately, lots and lots of customers have been asking for our Facebook Fan Page. But sadly, we have none. I know, it's much easier to have our own facebook page, so that we can upload latest information, design, orders or even make announcement regarding BadgeForAll. 

However, in the meantime, we might still use blog as our medium of communication. Maybe after delivery or confinement, I'll setup a facebook page for BadgeForAll, for easy access to all of the customers ;) In the meantime, bear with us yaa

Anyhooo.... I can be contacted at or sms me 013 342 1005. Calls..... I seldom pickup since I always left my phone everywhere. My bad :( So if I didnt pickup ur call, do sms me and leave a message... I will reply to you soon!

Good news is, our price is still the cheapest you can get in town, believe me! And we didnt hide anything since you can find our pricelist easily at the top of the page ;) We're glad to have you here with us! Thank you for your support. Taa~!

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