Thursday, May 17, 2012


Dear beloved customers,

BadgeForAll will be closed for 10 days (21/6 - 30/6, Thursday - Sunday) since we're going for a short vacay. Hence, for those who would love to order and expected delivery between those dates, you are advised to place your order early (at least by early June) so that we could deliver you by the third week of June. 

Last minute order will only be accepted for design-ready badge, which means we only do the printing, or any existing design in this page (T&C applied).

Why do we need to tell this to our customer this early? I mean, it's like a month to go... but the process is tedious. The design itself might take 3-5 days for the customer to confirm, payment shudnt be any problem, and  then only we will make the badge which might take a few days, depends on quantity.

To date, we are able to cater 5 orders per week (or 300 pieces) ;) So wait no more! Call me 0133421005 or just email us at

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